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middle farm

Middle Farm has been the home of the Rymer's for nearly 100 years and nowadays farms a range of combineable crops across a total of just over 800 acres.

The farm is a part of a joint venture consisting of three other local farmers, all with similar acerage. The aim of the venture, NDR Arable, is to share the costs of machinery and labour amongst the group in order to maximize the investments.


The main crops grown on the farm are: Wheat, Barley, Oil Seed Rape, Linseed and Beans. There is also a large area put aside for wild bird feed mixes and legume fallows to help preserve the soils.

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Many years ago, the main produce from the farm was cow's milk. However as the times changed, this slowly became less feasible and now all the dairy units are converted into storage space and rented out on the commercial market for short or long term rentals.

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